The Pro Loadout: Empowering The Full Xbox Experience With Managed Users

The Pro Loadout: Empowering The Full Xbox Experience With Managed Users

Navigating the myriad of privacy and security options for your xboxes can be tricky. Luckily, we've developed what we call "Loadouts" to help simplify this process.

Today we will talk about the "Pro Loadout". This is the recommended configuration for your xbox that allows your users to add and message friends and play online in a way that allows your to monitor and manage activity through CoPlay XM.

Please note that this configuration is only recommended to be used in combination with CoPlay XM as it allows your users more freedom in playing with friends and family members but also allows your to clean up and wipe the user activity via CoPlay XM when they are finished.

The CoPlay Pro Loadout

This loadout is designed to let patients play games with each other online while not allowing text or voice communication with anyone outside the hospital. Patients can message and voice chat with each other while CoPlay XM clears any message history nightly so all PHI can be cleared from the device. One more feature this loadout gives patients is the ability to play games and have text/voice communication with friends and family online. Meanwhile, stopping any “strangers” from interacting with them. You can decide the ratings of content you want to allow patients to access all while stopping patients from:

  • Adding their own Xbox accounts
  • Removing the hospitals from the Xbox
  • Changing settings
  • Purchasing games
  • Web surfing
  • Linking social media accounts
  • Resetting the console

This loadout will also stop games and apps from accessing any microphones or cameras that patients plug into it. We are working on ways to stop patients from downloading apps or allowing patients to login to their own app accounts (such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney +, etc) while we remove the accounts nightly. Until then, this is something your cyber security or networking department can most likely restrict on the internet firewall.

Note this loadout isn't perfect for every hospital’s wants and needs, but we are happy to build you a custom loadout so you no longer have to question what patients have access to on your gaming systems. If used right, gaming is an amazing way for patients to pass time during their stay and can provide engaging content for the whole family to play worry free.

Console Settings

, Security & PIN

Change my sign-in & security preferences – Custom

  •  Save your Microsoft account credentials – Credentials saved
  • Use Kinect sign-in – Not using Kinect sign-in *not on series s/x
  • Ask for passkey at sign-in – Passkey not required
  • Ask for my passkey to change settings – Passkey required
  • Ask for my passkey to make purchases – Passkey required
  • Ask for my PIN to launch Microsoft Edge – Passkey required

Show on home – No

Instant sign-in – Yes *this will display your account’s gamer tag

This controller signs in – Nobody

Privacy & Online Safety

Xbox Privacy - Custom

Online Status & History

  • Others can see if you are online – Friends
  • Others can see what you’re watching or listening to – Block
  • Others can see your game and app history – Block
  • Others can see your Xbox profile details - Block
  • See other people’s Xbox profiles - Block
  • How you look – *Enter your hospitals name or a fake name
  • You can share your real name – Block
  • You can share your real name with friends of friends – Block
Friends & Clubs
  • You can add friends – Allow
  • Others can see your friends list – Block
  • You can create and join clubs – Block
  • Others can see your club memberships – Block
Communication & Multiplayer
  • You can join multiplayer games – Allow
  • You can join crossplay – Allow
  • Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites – Friends
  • You can communicate outside of Xbox live with voice & text – Block
  • You can use video for communications – Block
  • Others can see your activity feed – Block
Game Content
  • You can upload captures to Xbox – Allow
  • Others can see your game clips and screenshots – Friends
  • You can see and upload community creations – Everyone
  • Live stream gameplay – Block
  • You can share content made using a connected camera – Block
Sharing outside of Xbox Live
  • Others can share your content to social networks – Block
  • You can share outside of Xbox – Block
Buy and Download
  • Ask Before Buying – On
Contact Preferences (select in the previous menu)
  • *Keep all boxes unchecked

App Privacy

  • Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps – Off
  • Turn on SmartScreen Filter to check web content (URLs) that apps use – Off
  • Turn Location on or off for all apps – Off
  • Turn camera on or off for all apps – Off
  • Turn microphone on or off for all apps – Off
Account Info
  • Turn Account info on or off for all apps – Off
  • Turn Contacts on or off for all apps – Off
  • Turn Calendar on or off for all apps – On
  • Turn Email on or off for all apps – Off
Data Collection
  • You can share optional data – Block

Content Restrictions

  • Access to Content – *Select the ratings of games, apps, movies, and TV shows that your hospital wants to allow on the Xboxes

Family Settings

Access restrictions
  • Create an access PIN –
  • Access to content – Unrestricted
  • Allow adding & creating new profiles – Off
  • Allow removing accounts – Off
  • Allow adding guests – On
  • Allow console reset – Off
  • Allow changing console location - Off

Remember, it's always a good practice to regularly review and update your privacy and security settings as needed. Stay informed about new features and options to ensure you're taking full advantage of the available safeguards.